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    Applying Global Filter for Lookup calculated field

    Sravan Yadav

      Hi All,


      I just want to Apply a "Global Filter" for Lookup Calculated Field...Searched in Google but Hardluck..Please find the below Screenshot and .twbx v9.3, for better understanding..global filter.png

      Note- I dont want to apply a parameter in my "sub-category" as there are  many dimension members in sub-category in my original data.



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          Dan Huff

          Since Lookup is a table calculation, it relies on data in the sheet it is used on. As such, these types of hide filters cannot be used across multiple sheets.


          Can you describe in more detail what you are trying to accomplish? Is there some sort of aggregation you are trying to achieve by hiding these values instead of just filtering them? If so, it may be possible to achieve something with LOD calculations.