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    Multiple query parameters in a workbook

    Scott Strool

      I have a workbook that contains three parameters that are used in a custom SQL data source.

      They are all date related:

      Start Date

      Time Segment



      The user chooses a start date that I use to compare to my important date in my query. The time segment is either days or months, the interval is how many days or months to look back that is used as a condition in the query.


      This is a live connection to Amazon Redshift.


      I would like to allow the user to choose when to fire the execution of the query, The way it works is that if one parameter is changed the query updates.

      is there any mechanism or another way I can wait until the user somehow tells the dashboard that they are done making changes and now go ahead and update?

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          Joe Oppelt

          That's what Tableau does.


          Maybe consider having the parameters on an initial dashboard, separate from the actual data sheet(s).  When the user is ready to see the data, hit a "Go to data" button that you will add to the initial dashboard.


          The "Go to data" button will actually be a tiny sheet that has one data mark that is displayed with some shape or text value.  When the user clicks it, that sheet will have a filter action that goes to the data dashboard.

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            Scott Strool


            Not sure I understand how a separate dashboard would help. Each time a change is made to a parameter, the query will re-execute. I was looking for a way to have it change only after all three parameters are set by the user.