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    Creating a calculation field in Union data

    Eric Yun


      I have set up the data sources in a Union with data sheets then joined them into a primary data,


      I need to split columns that are under one column now as I can apply a calculation separately on the data that are in another column.


      How can I swap the data value (date) position ( eg. 6   13  to 13     6) and create a calculation field on this data set as I need to put the comparison from the last week sales to this week sales.


      For instance]


      "Total Transactions" is one Mesure Values and "Tuesday" has two columns that I need to change the data value with a calculation applied as below




      13 (this represents a date)     6(date_last week)

      309                                        250=> -24%    Calculation requires  [ SUM(309)/ SUM(250) -1] to get % Value in these columns


      74                                          5=> -1390%

      47                                         31 => -52%

      54                                         19=> -184%


      72                                          67=> -7% 

      62                                          59=> -6%

      So on,,,



      I've attached workbook and data sources for your review.


      Your help is much appreciated.