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    How to make two objects (with different parameters and filters) scale the same?

    Mandy Pui

      Hello Tableau community,

      I've made a tool that compares two scenarios (each is a separate worksheet with different parameters, measures and filters).

      I want the bar graphs showing the two scenarios to be scaled the same. So in the screenshot above, I want the scale for both to be from 0-10, and so you can visually compare the bar graphs.

      I think if there's some way that I can transfer the number values (eg. scenario 1 = 0.12, scenario 2 = 9.42) (kind of like how on excel you can just copy and paste 'the values only') onto another worksheet, then I can put them in the same graph with "uniform axis range for all rows and columns".

      Right now, each has its own filters, measures and parameters. I don't know how I can "copy and paste the values only" onto another worksheet.

      Please suggest how I can put these two items onto the same graph with the same axis scale.

      Thank you!!