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    Index causes empty rows to show

    Chris C

      First time posting here.  My goal was to dynamically display the last month within a quarter depending on which quarter the user selected.  I created a calculated field with the formula: LAST() = 0, set it to a table calculation with the Compute Using to Month, added the field and filtered for TRUE.  I would hide the header once completed.

      Prior to adding the field, the ID Type (East, West, North, South) displayed only rows with values.  After adding the field, empty rows now show up (highlighted in red in the screenshot below).  Apparently, when I toggle between which field to use for Compute Using, only Month causes the extra blank rows to appear.

      Is there a way to hide these?  OR is there a better way for me to display the last month, middle month, and first month (each in their own worksheet).


      Prior to adding the field


      After adding the "Last" field


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          Chris C

          After researching around some more, I found a solution:

          I have a Number of Records (with Table Calculation) in the Marks Card.  I right-clicked, select Filter..., made sure Include null values is not checked, clicked OK.

          The null rows went away.  I'm glad I figured this out, but still perplexed why the Index field reintroduced the null rows.  For now, I will close this post.