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    How to display time (in seconds) spent on a web page

    Saddif Ahmed

      Hi, total Tableau newbie here.


      I am wondering if anyone can help. I am performing research on diabetes, and need to see how long users spend on a diabetes website - specifically how long they spend (in seconds) on different pages on this diabetes site. So that i can visualize their "journey" through the site (which pages they visit and for how long).


      I have managed to to a visualization to show number of times they visit pages - but just can't seem to get tableau to display for home many seconds they were on the pages, before moving onto the next.


      i have included a packaged workbook - which basically has user ID, the name of the webpage, date visited and time in seconds and minutes spent on the page. 


      Any suggestions on how to do this? i am sure you guys will say it is super easy!


      Any help would be appreciated!