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    Changing Data Sources - How to do this Successfully

    Donald Wilson



      I'm attempting to take several existing Tableau reports that our team has created to have them run under my schema.  In preparing for this, I've created the data within my own personal schema.  I'm attempting to change the data source to tables of the same names but inside my personal schema.  Unfortunately I continue to run into an error that says:


      “Tableau has stopped working.  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”


      The steps I am following is as follows:


      1)  Open the existing report

      2)  Click the "Data Source" tab as the bottom left of Tableau.
      3)  As prompted, I enter the data table name, my schema login and password.


      After several minutes of "thinking", Tableau stops and gives me the above error.  What am I doing wrong?


      If you have some ideas as to why this is happening, I would appreciate your feedback. 


      In advance, thanks for your help.



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          Karen Hannum

          Hi Don,


          I do not know for certain why you are getting this error but I do have 2 suggestions that sometimes work for me:


          1. Download the dashboard and open locally in Desktop, let it connect to the server or wherever it does NOW.  go to the Data Menu, scroll down to the source and select create local copy from the submenu. That will create a local copy of the dataset. Sometimes Tableau offers you the choice of using your local copy, if not the next step will help.


          2. Even if you can't do that,  try this with your Schema  -

          A. Open the dashboard in desktop. (after downloading a local copy if you haven't already.)

          B.  Select Data from the Menu and then New Data Source. 

          C. Then go ahead and select your new database. 

          D. Next create a new worksheet and pull 1 field from the new datasource onto the page.  I usually do the row shelf. E, Save and then go to an existing  worksheet that uses the other datasource.  (e sure it is a worksheet, not a dashboard)

          F. Use Data/ Scroll to the datasource. Select Replace Datasource from the menu.


          My ideas, questions, things to check as to why from my own painful experiences:

          Is the current dashboard connecting live or using a published datasource? 

          If a published datasource are there calculated fields that are not in the new source ?

          Are the character sets the same between the 2 ? (usually that will throw an error that tells you in my experience).

          If you are connecting to the new source via the server, does the server have rights to the source.

          Are the two sources the same version of the database engine?  SqlServer 2012, 2014 and 2008 do not always "play nice" . The same can occur with service packs in the same version. I have been out of the arena of other databases recently, but similar things have been known to happen.

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            Donald Wilson

            Karen, it seems your steps work well.  This morning I've used them successfully.  Thanks for the instructions.  This has been very helpful!  You're my hero!!