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    Column which counts the rows of shown list

    Kerim Koc

      Hello people,


      I have a problem which needs to be solved quickly. I just have a very long list with 3 columns and everytime it is awkward to count the lines manually. So I need an additional column to count like this way:


      Current circumstance:

      John      14          Manchester

      Elias      12          Liverpool

      Meg       17          London


      this would be desirable:

      1     John      14          Manchester

      2     Elias      12          Liverpool

      3     Meg       17          London


      independent of filters:

      1     John      14          Manchester

      2     Meg       17          London



      My first approach was to use the index() but after showing 50 there was suddenly number 1. And than it went again with 51. I didn't understand that.


      Thank you in advance!