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    Difficulty getting the Venn diagram tutorial to work correctly

    Sarah McGraw

      Hello, I have followed these instructions:

      Building a Venn Diagram | Tableau Software


      And my end product is...sort of right?


      I am using a different data set, but my components are exactly the same as in the workbook attached to the tutorial at that link--a two bubble Venn diagram showing overlap.


      First, I think I may have misunderstood this part of the instructions:

      I was able to get something that looks approximately correct by simply setting the axis range to "Fixed" and playing with it for a while. But that couldn't have been the intention....could it?


      A second problem is that I was hoping to use filters to swap the data in the two circles, but so far that seems to be a non-starter, as the overlap does not remain accurate when I switch the data. If I did the axis "downsize" wrong, could that have caused this problem?


      A last potential problem--and maybe it's the key to everything!--is that one of the instruction steps is missing:

      Does anyone have any idea of what this is supposed to say?


      Thank you!