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    Gantt Chart creation in tableau

    Zeenat Goyal

      Hello ,


      I am new to tableau, and needs to create a gantt chart in tableau, saw some online posts to create this chart, I have a start date & end date and status to show in the bars.

      I have calculated the duration in days (end date- start date) but where I am facing the problem is , in calculating/ showing the calender Weeks as shown the excel sheet to be displayed in gantt chart and how bars will come as shown in the attached excel where I calculated the duration in days.

      As per online post , they did the average of the days in measure and not sum, what is that for?

      I am still not very clear of the term discrete / continous in tableau.

      As of now I am keeping just week of Start date in the x-axis , I am not sure if it is correct or not.


      If any body could help in building this gantt chart that what and where I am missing things.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Guy Cuthbert

          The attached workbook should provide a starting point, although I struggle to correlate the data (Start Date and End Date) in your example XLS against the visuals you had created. Feel free to post further data - as Excel, or a revision to the attached - if this doesn't meet your needs.


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            Zeenat Goyal

            Hey Guy,


            Sorry for the late reply, and Thanks for the response in regard to Gantt chart, it really helped and I can make it perfectly.

            I have one more question, in the same chart, on the date axis which is coming below, I need to show the dates for longer period e.g. I need to show all the tasks between (today - 4 weeks ) and (Today + 8 weeks) in future.

            my Start Date falls in the cycle of = (today - 4 weeks ) and my end date falls in (today + 8 weeks )

            but on the axis in the chart, I am not sure how to display -4 weeks & +8 weeks.

            Any Idea ?


            Thanks for all the help in advance.

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              Guy Cuthbert



              Are you able to post a TWBX with sample data? It's much easier to work on the problem if I can see it in Tableau itself.


              Is this an option?



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                Zeenat Goyal

                Thanks for the reply Guy,


                Here is the data in excel sheet,

                and I can attach the screenshot of the dashboard.


                In this, Date on the x-axis is start date, I need to show the

                1. I need to show the calender dates which falls in (-4 Week) & (+8 Week) , also needs to show the week number which

                2. also needs to show the week number on the same axis, so that Gantt chart shows the Date and week together on same axis.(if possible at all)