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    Merge two different views into one

    Tanya Sharma



      I am new to Tableau and am stuck at something which seems pretty complicated. So I have a dataset which has state and branch name and performance for each day. I have to show that as a heat map which is fine. Now I also have to show three other aggregated metrics for all 31 days as a heat map in the same view. Basically the view looks like what I have attached. Any comments on how can I achieve this view ? Thanks in advance


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          Dan Sanchez

          Hi Tanya!


          I think the easiest option would be to create two separate worksheets, one for the daily performance heatmap, and the second for the MTD metric heatmap, and then place both worksheets next to each on a dashboard.  You might need to play around with the dashboard formatting options a bit to get the two worksheets lined up nicely though.  Would it be possible to upload a sample workbook of your data?  That would help us out too if you need more assistance on making the view