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    Help with  Load from excel files


      I am working on 9.3 Tableau version. I have data coming monthly in excel file . I created extract with first file and then tried Appending from rest of the monthly files but is not loading any rows nor is it throwing any error. it just

      says 0 rows added even if I have same fields in all the files I'm trying to join.


      second option I see is to  write a custom query in  tableau


      ABC_ < month name> (is File name- which is data source ) .

      Application ( is sheet name - which tableau treats as table )


      A,B,C,D etc are fields


      I tried


      ABC.Application.A as Field 1

      ABC.Application.B as Field 2

      ABC.Application.c as Field 3

      from Application.ABC_*


      but it throws error


      can somebody help me replicate my mistake here .