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    Show changes after different start dates

    Cassandra Riehl



      I am stuck on how to start a viz that shows changes after a start date.


      We setup special accounts with our customers that allow them into a portal to review records.  The question we want to answer is do they refer more patients to us after we setup these accounts. 


      I am not sure the best way to show this information because the start dates are various and they usually have been referring to us before the account was setup.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Joe Oppelt

          I think this depends a lot on how your data is set up.


          Ideally you would have a series of referral records from the customer (and each record would include a referral date.)  If you add a column to capture their portal setup date, you could color your viz (whether line or bars or whatever) to have one color before-portal, and another after-portal.  Each customer would have his own portal date, so if you have 15 separate lines for 15 customers on the viz, each would have the break in color at his respective portal setup date.