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    Stacking dimensions

    Francois Houde

      Hi all, I'm having 3 dimensions in my dataset : Store Type (Physical / virtual), Store Size (small, medium, large), Products (electronics, furniture, food)


      If I put these 3 dimensions in the "Rows" I'll have something like this :

      Physical / small / electronics -- #number of records

      Physical / small / furniture -- #number of records

      Physical / small / food -- #number of records

      Physical / medium / electronics -- #number of records

      Physical / medium / furniture -- #number of records



      So I'll get 18 rows


      What I really want is :


      Physical -- #number of records

      Online -- #number of records

      Small -- #number of records

      Medium -- #number of records

      Large -- #number of records

      Electronics -- #number of records

      Furniture -- #number of records

      Food -- #number of records


      Any idea on how I could do this ?



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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Francois


          Two different approaches.

          Which is better ?  depends on your preference, but considering the risk of triple counts, Dashboard approach should be easier and simpler .


          1. Dashboard

          Create three different worksheets (Blue in the example), and merge them on the dashboard.

          Table is just straight forward.




          2. Union (only available on 9.3 or newer version)  = Red worksheet

          This triples data set and pick up data only for particular category from respective data source.

          This means there is a risk of triple countiing in some cases.


          Create Union and create two calculated fields based on table name.





          case [Table Name]

          when "Clipboard_20161216T181903.txt" then [Prod.]

          when "Clipboard_20161216T181903.txt1" then [Type]

          when "Clipboard_20161216T181903.txt2" then [Size]



          [Top Category]

          case [Table Name]

          when "Clipboard_20161216T181903.txt" then "Prod"

          when "Clipboard_20161216T181903.txt1" then "Type"

          when "Clipboard_20161216T181903.txt2" then "Size"