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    How to perform multiple fact tables modeling in Tableau?

    Timothé Le Vigouroux



      I would need some help to make some data modelling in tableau involving multitables.

      I have following tables:


      Sales transaction (Fact tables)


      Client ID

      Product ID

      Sales Date (day)

      Sales Quantity


      Stock (Fact Table)

      Client ID

      Product ID

      Stock Date (day)

      Stock Quantity


      Product (Dimension table)

      Product ID

      Product description


      Time Line (Dimension table)





      I would need to join these tables in order to build a reporting comparing on the same time line (by week), same Client and same product ID for Sales Quantity vs Sotck Quantity.

      I have no idea how to proceed in order to avoid too much data multiplication.

      I have enclosed tableau file with my data model (I managed to build relationship between all tables but the stock table)


      Would you have any suggestion on how I should join the stock table or any suggestion of data model in tableau when it comes to multiple fact table?