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    Use a Parameter to filter across multiple Boolean Dimensions

    conor duke

      Hi, spent a while on this but no luck.


      I have 7 boolean dimension fields related to 'Upgrade' of different products from an SQL connection

      e.g. 'Spa package', 'Buffet' ,            'Suite' .... etc

                      1                 0                       1

                       0                1                       0

                      1                 0                       0


      I want to use a Parameter where the user can select 'Buffet' & 'Suite' and ALL the records which contain a 1 in BOTH fields will return.


      I am comfortable with SQL Case statements, but this only allows me select a SINGLE option.

      It feels like I am missing something key, as this is a common problem on the forums, but my limited experience of Tableau is failing me.

      (is there a solution using LOD?)


      Attempted solutions

      The 'Pivot' functionality would fix it, but only works for XLS data sets, mine is in SQL.


      I am happy to reshape the data, but I was hoping to use a combination of Filters and Parameters for this, the following examples solve this problem, but not for my use-case


      Multiple boolean dimensions in a single filter  -Solves it with Pivot in XLS

      Using Parameters to filter a Boolean Dimension? - Solves it for a SINGLE value

      Re: Create a filter with 19 boolean dimensions COMBINED


      Filtering Multiple Dimensions Using Parameters | Tableau Software - Solves it for a SINGLE value


      Joshua Miller