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    Refreshing Desktop Dashboard - Excel Data Source

    Jake Child

      I work with a couple of Tableau gurus (self-proclaimed) and they have all tried to solve this problem with no avail! I have a simple dashboard connected to a simple excel spreadsheet. I only use the data on one worksheet of the excel workbook. When I add new data to the excel worksheet no matter what I do I cannot get tableau to recognize the new data added. I have tried using the data source both live and as an extract. I published the source to our college's online server and tried to use it that way. Nothing has worked. The only thing that I have been able to do is add the updated workbook as a new data source and replace the old one.


      I'm pretty sure that's not how Tableau is suppose to work. If you have any follow up questions please ask!


      Any help would be much appreciated!


      Thank you

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          Matthew Risley

          Hey Jake,


          If you save the Excel workbook, Close it, then Open Tableau. the data should copy over if it's a live connection.


          You could also try doing the above but clicking refresh:


          From your question it sounds like all you want is the desktop dashboard to be upgraded, is that correct?

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            Shawn Wallwork

            It sounds like you're saving your workbook as a packaged workbook (twbx), which means Tableau is making a copy of your excel file and putting it into a zip file (which is what a twbx file really is). So when you change the original Excel workbook and save it, it doesn't change the copy in the zip file. Easiest solution is to open the Tableau workbook, save it as an unpackaged workbook (twb). At this point one of two things will happen 1) Tableau will find the original excel file (which now includes the new data) and all is well, or 2) It will ask you for help finding the file (because you changed its location or gave it a different name). Either way you can bring in the new data.


            The only reason to save your workbooks as packaged workbooks is to share them with others. Generally speaking always work with unpackaged (twb) workbooks, and then use the File\Export Packaged Workbook option to create the packaged (twbx) to share.


            Also, don't forget to SAVE the excel file after you've added the new data (this is the one that always gets me!). Do all this and bringing in the new data is only a F5 keystroke away.



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              Matthew Risley



              This is why you're the expert. Didn't think about the twb/twbx scenario.

              Super helpful.