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    Creating a dynamic title showing Top Product/Price after filtering

    Jake Gallagher

      What I would like to achieve is get the most expensive product with it's price into the tile. Something like: 'Our most expensive product is <product> at <price>'.


      Data looks pretty much like this:




      I followed this tutorial:

      Creating Dynamic Titles Based on Filters | Tableau Software


      And I got to a point where it works fine.... but only if I filter everything out so I have only one product listed. When I have more than one product I get 'All' in the title.


      I'm pretty sure it should be rather easy but can't figure it out. As an alternative I'm considering using a table with the top product and price and use it on the dashboard. But if it's possible I'd prefer to just use the title.

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          Joe Oppelt

          Are you using LOD?  Or table calc?


          Either one will do it for you.


          But if you are doing a table calc, you'll have to mess with "Compute Using" to tell Tableau how to walk the table in the right order.  If you have table-across, you'll get a different table calc value for each row.  But table-down will grab the largest in the column instead of in the row.  And if you have multiple dimensions in play, you may need to do something more than just table-down.


          If you need detailed help with this, a packaged workbook is the way to let me help you with that.