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    How to create number formatting for multiple measures without having to create calculated fields for each one of them?

    Sajina Chhabra

      Hello All,



      I have multiple measures in my workbook like Netsales, Sales cost, Sales quantity etc which runs Millions. In order to make the dashboard more presentable, I need to do the following:


      1. Convert all values above 1,000,000 to #.# M. Example : 8,776,098 should display as 8.7M

      2. Convert all values between 1,000 and 999,999 to #.#K. Example : 54,487 should display as 54.5K and 1,345 should display as 1.3K.

      3. Anything below 1,000 should display as is.


      I have gone through many forum discussions and the advice everywhere is to create calculated fields for each case for each measure and create this formatting. But that is going to clutter my workbook and it is a tedious and not practical task.


      Can anyone advice on a more dynamic method of formatting please?