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    displaying dynamic lables based on filters

    ranjit saha

      is there any trick in which different master values can be displayed based on a specific filter that is selected.


      In a transaction line we have  Payment type code. (01, 02, 03 etc)

      Now, each Payment type code has different names for the payment codes in the master - 01 - region US = Electronic, 01 in region Europe is referred as Wire transfer.


      When the dashboard shows the payment types for region as Europe, then the 01 shows as 'Wire transfer'

      However, when the same chart is filtered with US as region the the Label should show 'Electronic'

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          Santiago Sanchez

          Hi Ranjit,


          You can probably use a calculated field to achieve this. In the example below, [Category] would represent your Region and [Ship Mode] would represent your Payment Type:



          With that created, now you can use this new 'Dynamic Label' field in the viz instead of the original [Ship Mode] and values will change based on the condition you specified!


          Hope this helps.