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    How to create a doughnut chart inside a doughnut chart?

    Dustin Brickwood



      So I have been tasked with creating a visual that shows an actual to budget doughnut chart, which I can do easily and with no trouble thanks to this nifty blog post Tableau Tip: How to make KPI donut charts. However, what I need to do now is to place another doughnut in the center portion of that originally created doughnut chart. A doughnut within a doughnut.


      I realize I could create the first doughnut chart, export it to an image, remove the background then create the second doughnut chart, place into a dashboard and then drag the original doughnut chart as an image over it but this is far too much work to be done for the 18 charts I need to create (6 rows of 3).


      So, if you have any improved suggestions please let me know!



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