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    Upgrading to Tableau Server version 10

    Yeira Calderon

      Hi to all,

      We need to upgrade Tableau Server from version 9 to 10. We did some test before. I took a Tableau report version 9 and published it to Server 10. The result was successful. My question is, to proceed with the upgrade, do I need to re-open in desktop version 10 all the reports I previously published in Server 9 and, re publish them in Server 10 so I don’t find any version conflict. Or, when the Server’s upgrade proceeds, all the reports will be available in my new Tableau Server 10?

      I read the below info and found the list of the type of information I should gather but, I did not find any explicitly action about re-open and re-publish the reports from version 9 to 10.

      Upgrading Tableau Server | Tableau Software

      10.0 Server Upgrade Page | Tableau Software

      Pre-Upgrade Checklist | Tableau Software

      Thank you in advance for the clarification.