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    Count based on calculations?




      I am trying to count the following category types:



      I have a formula that will highlight the number for each product category RED if it exceeds a certain threshold.


      Name of formula: Category Calc

      IIF(Sum([Number of Records])>=AVG([Global Thresholds]),'True',IIF(SUM([Number of Records])<AVG([Global Thresholds])AND SUM([Number of Records])>= 0.8*(AVG([Global Thresholds])),'Near','False'))


      Each of the categories above are "True", so therefore they are highlighted red.


      I can't seem to find a way to count the number of rows that have met the threshold of "True".


      I tried...


      If [Category Calc]="True" THEN COUNTD(Platform) END


      But it doesn't return the number that I want, which is "4".


      Could someone provide some insight?