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    How to deal with values from different fields returned in a single column?

    Amandine Ricaud

      Hi everybody,


      I am just starting to work on a new data source whose structure is giving me some struggle.


      The data source contains values from different custom fields created in another tool.

      The problem is that instead of having one column per field, all the values are available in one column only.

      Each different field can then be identified by a Field Value ID.


      It's easy to create a calculated field isolating each type of value separately.

      But there is a problem if I want to use them side by side. In that case they do not line up and each entry is considered as a different row.


      Please see the packaged workbook attached for a better understanding.


      In the example attached, I would like to be able to have one line only when I look at my data by Ticket ID, instead of having what looks to be 3 rows.


      Any help would be welcome.


      Thank you in advance.