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    Top 5 Filter / Adding additional dimension

    Nicola Prime

      Hi All,


      Using the Global Superstore dummy data, I am trying to figure out the following:

      1) Identify the top 5 products for a particular month (in my own data, I have built a filter and formula to select for example, November, and then October (previous month) and December (next month) will also appear)

      2) I want to see November's top 5 and the corresponding sales for October and December (i.e. I do not want to see Oct & Dec's top 5) - so in other words, I want the month I select from my filter above to be the leader (in this example, November)

      3) I need to add in Product Name - when I do this, my top 5 filters completely disappear and I am left with a long list.



      I created my top 5 measure by using the below guide - I used the "Use Advanced Options in the Calculation (Alternative Example)"



      Grateful if anyone can help demonstrate using the Global Superstore data - due to company restrictions, I can't upload the file!



      Thanks a lot in advance!