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    Tile conditional formatting and layout

    Vinay Seeruthun

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to create a tiled dashboard. I've had great support from the Tableau community to get to where i am now.

      However, i'm stuck at the last hurdles.


      I'm quite new, so when I looked on line it said "To arrange this tile, create separate tabs for each of the elements. Then on a dashboard sheet, use the “Float” option and place them as part of the same cell of one of the elements."

      That didn't really make sense to a newbie.



      I've managed to create my tile, but now i just need to do the final touches to formatting. I would like the arrow to the right of the text and covering the same height and i would like some conditional formatting.

      i.e When the arrow is up, i would like it to be green, down red, right, amber.


      Can someone help me please?