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    How to add Dynamic labels on Bar chart

    Gurpreet singh

      Hi All,


      I have a bar chart, on top of two consecutive bars, i have to show the difference(in %age) between 2 bars in circular shape. For e.g. difference formula = first bar-second bar/second bar.Bar's data will be dynamic and it should show the difference in percentage inside the circular shape.


      For more information, please have a look at attachment.




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          Mahfooj Khan

          Hi Gurpreet,


          Will it be helpful? You can achieve this using dual axis and quick table calculation (percent difference) of your measure.

          workbook version 9.3 attached for your reference. Let me know If you've any query.



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            Gurpreet singh

            Thanks Mehfooj, not exactly what i'm looking for and this seems like defeating the purpose ascircular labels are not in between the bars. Anyway can we connect on phone to discuss it further for other alternate option for this.


            Please Give me a buzz at +91 9036604706 




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              D Barnetson

              Hi Mahfooj,


              Gurpreet's example is really close. I have taken his example and made a few changes.


              The idea, from what I understand, is to place circles with the % between the years.


              How I have done this in my example, I've create 2 axis fields. First is to designate the year:


              Bottom Axis Calc  (once done, change number type to decimal)


              year( [Order Date] )


              Second, is to create a mid-way point between the years.


              Top Axis Calc  (adding 0.5 to create a mid-way point to place the circles. no need to change number type)


              year( [Order Date] )+.5


              Now you can synchronise the 2 fields.


              Place the pills as I have in the picture below.



              Make sure to edit the bottom axis, by setting your tick marks to 'Fixed' at 1, so that you see the individual years. Otherwise, you will see the decimal points.



              For the circles, you can add a boarder and change the color to white by double clicking on your legend 'false', then change the HTML: to #ffffff



              I've attached a revised version of Gurpreet's packaged workbook. (v10.1)


              That's it! Hope this helps.



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