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    My resume in Tableau

    Annabelle Rincon



      I have just created a funny viz to remplace my boring resume,

      tell me what you think about it!

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          Toby Erkson

          Nothing happens when I click on this (browser is latest version of Firefox):

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Also nothing happens in Chrome.

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              Michael Hesser

              Wow! This was great to look at!


              I think you're being humble calling this a "funny" viz-- I think it goes far in demonstrating your Tableau skills.


              CONGRATULATIONS on being in the top 20! That is quite the feat!! And thank you for sharing your viz. As someone who tends to be on the more critical side (please bear that in mind!), here's what I saw:


              • I was impressed with the various different graphs you used. I think this will say a lot to a potential employer.
              • I like the shared actions (Year --> Tenure/description). I think you might be able to do more, though. For example: I would have liked to see an On Hover action highlighting the company name when scrolling over Duration heat map. For me, it would have made it easier to associate the year/company with the role.
              • Your URL actions were great touches! The "award" URL didn't work for me-- but I assume it was just there as an example? I like it!
              • For the Duration heat map tool tip, I would have liked to see your job title at the top in bold.
              • Your certification info was great to see! Are you happy with the amount of real estate it takes up? If it bothers you, I suspect you could condense it into a single line with  an on hover for certification details. I'm also guessing the width was equivalent to the # of days? The tool tip info had two dates, but they were limited to MONTH. Maybe if you changed it to day so we could see you spent 5 days in training?
              • A plural may have snuck in there! You may want to change  "every online trainings" to "all online training"
              • Did you get a chance to demonstrate all the graphs you wanted to? It seems like you have a little real estate you could play with... maybe you'd want to include custom shapes on your language graph?


              Again, thank you very much for your viz. I love the idea of an interactive resume that also demonstrates your skill sets!

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                Annabelle Rincon

                Hi Michael,


                Thank you for taking the time to check my Viz, I really appreciate it and it's great to receive feebacks... it helps me to progress.

                I will work on an update version during my holidays


                Have a nice week,



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                  Dhruv Gupta

                  Hi Annabelle,


                       The link provided is not working, let me know if i need to do something else to get access of link.




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                    I think this is just super cool! Love it

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                      Katarina Vujic

                      Hi Annabelle,


                      First of all, great idea to visualize your CV in Tableau - I love it

                      Your resume is really worth appreciations.


                      I'm quite new to the Tableau Community, but maybe my little feedback can still  help you to improve your great work:

                      • Personally - I do not like tree maps ( i prefer bar/lollipop chart ), but it's cool that we can see 'the portion' of your professional experience on each job
                      • I like the action on the tree map
                      • Unfortunately, I couldn't access your Viz from Google's contest
                      • I like blue colors, but not the orange one in your Certifications and Tableau Training viz - but certainly draw my attention
                      • My suggestion for the language's bars would be something like (I used my example)


                      • You'he shown us that no matter how much experience we have - resume can still be on one page and to highlight all relevant points


                      Thank you so much for sharing your great work with us and also for giving me the idea for doing the same

                      It would be nice if we all could make something similar and share along!


                      Wish you all the best in your future work.

                      Kind Regards,

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                        Ben Powis

                        Great work Annabelle Rincon, what a great idea to showcase your Tableau skills!

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                          Annabelle Rincon

                          Thanks Ben ! But I feel ashamed because I haven't taken the time to improve it yet after the very good advice I received from the community. But I will do it soon.

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                            Annabelle Rincon

                            I finally had time to redo my resume, I try to follow the advices of everyone. Thank you guys for taking the time to answer me  and a special thank you to , and


                            Thank you guys, I hope you like this new version : Tableau Public  .