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    filter applied to only 1 view in dashboard?

    Rushita Shah



      I have a dashboard with 4 views. A map with a parameter and 3 filters that are set to show 'only relevant values'. A bar graph that shows top N hospitals with a top N filter. A view that shows the list of hospitals using a heat map, and a 4th view showing 1 row as a comparison hospital. The 4th view has a filter that the user can use to single select a hospital to compare to the list of hospitals shown in the heat map view. However, when i select 1 hospital in the single select filter, all other filters show the relevant info to that select.

      For instance, without any selection, all states, counties and zips appear in the 3 filters for the map. But when i select a hospital in the single select filter, the state changes to showing only the relevant state to that hospital.

      single select: hospital A, PA

      state filter changes to: All, PA


      I want the single select filter to work independently from the rest of the filters. So, regardless of what i select in the single select filter, I want all states to still show in the state filter.


      Is this possible?


      I tried parameter and dashboard actions.. but not working


      Please help