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    Pareto with top 5 for a dimension

    Nick Roush

      I am needing some help creating both a stacked bar and a Pareto line on one chart for the top 5 of a certain value for a dimension. I published the beginning of what I am trying to accomplish here. There are a few things I am struggling with.


      1. Why is the sort for my state field not working correctly? It is hard to see, but in the example below you will see 110 is coming before 112. I am guessing it is not respecting my Index filter for the top 5 and is sorting by the total number of records. Anything I can do to fix this?
      2. How can I set the Table Calculation for the Pareto line? I have tried tons of different combinations to try and get the dimensionality set properly, but am at a loss at this point in time.
      3. This is less of an issue...but the reference line i have for the numbers of records for each state is only showing the first two characters.