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    Tableau Views statistics using _ViewStats and the admin view


      Dear all,


      Currently I am using the Admin view (Traffic to views) to see which of our workbooks/views are being seen the most.

      However to see these stats I need Admin access. Today we have many people who would be interested in seeing these statistics. Of course for security reasons, we cannot make them all admins.


      As such, what I am doing is creating an extract from the Tableau server stats and then creating a Tableau Reports from this extract.

      I am doing the following query:



      However, when I compare the view counts for one view i see that the 'Traffic to views' shows me that the report was seen 487 times while my Tableau report using the above query shows me 754 views.


      I'm not sure what is causing this difference.


      I'm not sure how the 'Traffic to views' work as sometimes it shows me 2 lines for the same 'View' and I don't see the difference (I'm guessing it is a version question?).


      As a FYI, I do not have access to the Tableau server database (I depend on someone from our company team to do the extract for me) so unfortunately I'm a bit blind and can't really test live...


      Thanks a lot in advance for your help