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    Dynamically displaying multiple sheets ,,Bit Challenging  urgent help

    MSK CM

      Hi  An interesting  challenge.


      lemme explain my requirement.


      I have  business ID,  which intern has groups and interns Teams,

      In My project,  I  have one business ID and , 5 groups, each group has minimum 5 teams to max 10.


      my report shows daily,MTD's,YTD's and data from Jan to Dec for current year  and some bargraph sepeately in Dashboad,I am able to show this for particular member in the team. as one sheet and Graph.This is possible for one person.


      I would need  such way that if Business ID , Group, Team selected, lets say team has 5 values , I would need dynamically 5 sheets one by one, below   to be dislayed for the above data . It should work for irrespective of the teams dynamicaally it should  create the MTD,YTD,Jan to Dec values.


      Please advice



      Raj MSK


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