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    LOD - excluding elements (only the hours of the element that breaches a certain TH)

    Mihai Constantinescu

      Been struggling with this LOD question from a customer, he wants to look at KPI values after excluding the elements (dimension = telco cells) for the hours when a certain measure (EG_CLUNDROP) breaches a certain TH (and only for that hour, not excluding the dimension entirely from the analysis).


      I tried using the below formula, which works for a selection of Cells but when looking at all of them doesn't produce the correct result.


      IF SUM({ INCLUDE [Name (Child)], [Hour] : SUM([EG_CLSDCCH_CLUNDROP])}) > 50 then "exclude"

      else "keep"




      Tried then adding LOD = SUM({ INCLUDE [Cell],[Hour] : ZN(SUM([EG_CLUNDROP]))}) in filter or selecting a condition for elements that have LOD > 50 ... that doesn't seem to work


      Tried then:

      IF { INCLUDE [Cell],[Hour] : ZN(SUM([EG_CLUNDROP]))} > 100 then 0

      else [EG_CLUNDROP]



      which works ... however the point is to use it in KPIs that don't contain that measure.


      This is what I need:

      IF { INCLUDE [Name (Child)],[Hour] : ZN(SUM([EG_CLSDCCH_CLUNDROP]))} > 50 then  0 // if the value for a cell is > 50 then discard it and add 0 (no contribution to KPI)

      else [2G Speech Call Setup Failure Rate [%]]] // else just show the KPI with the element's contribution to KPI



      Any help is more than welcome.