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    Dealing with Date/Time related data

    Derek Arsenault

      Hi all,


      I have what seems to be a very simple requirement but after trying different ways I am unable to figure this one out. I'll continue looking at this but thought it wouldn't hurt to make a post in parallel. Sometime writing about it helps the thought process too...


      Description of information we have to work with:

      I have a data set with a list of locations and each location has a Date/Time stamp of some work that was performed.

      In this particular scenario, the work performed was to improve energy efficiency and we know that for each location, on that specific date, we START to save x number of kWh each day going forward.



      I'd like to add a single line representing the cummulative kWh's for all locations combined and plotted over time so that we can see as new sites are done the impact to the total over time....sounds simple right? THat's what I thought...I have a feeling the answer lies in the LOOKUP function but I have not used that one very much. I feel like I've done much more complicated stuff with Tableau. Am I having a case of "Tableau burnout"?



      Here is a sample of data in case it wasn't clear

      Date Done


      Let's just say for each site, it would save 100kWh/day going forwrd from those dates. How can I plot that on a time axis? DO I need to add a parameter with the value of 100 and do some lookup formula with the date field?