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      • 15. Re: Data Source view for Desktop 10.1

        I was able to get rid of the extra data sources by closing them and republishing to my test project.  I have also removed my local copies to clean up my environment.  I republished the original data source after editing it by itself using your method above and verifying I returned the same number of results.


        However, I'm still having the same issue, not that it's a show stopper, but it's my OCD that I want to solve this.


        In this screenshot of the problem child connection, you can see that it references back to itself.

        Data Connection on bad workbook.PNG

        If I click on the 'connects to' name, it shows this, which is the correct db:

        Bad connects to this.PNG


        This is the other workbook that is behaving correctly.  All of this I pulled directly from Server and nothing from my machine.

        Data Connection Good.PNG

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