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    filtering on Top X records

    Kerri McDonald

      I'm trying to build a dashboard, where the user can filter on a couple of fields, including year.   I want to get the top x customers based on revenue for that year and display a view.   That I can do with no problem.   But what I also want is another viz that shows the revenue for those top customers over the past 3 years.


      So for example, the user would select 2016, and indicate that they want the top 10.  There would be 2 views displayed.  One would show a list of the top 10 customers based on revenue, and some different measures for the each.   The second would show the sum of the revenue for each year of the last 3 years for those same customers.   The second view would not show the customer information, just a bar chart showing the total revenue per year.


      I can't figure out how to get the top 10 customers for a particular year, and then take that list and use it in a different view.   Is there any way to do this?