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    Online and offline versions behaving differently

    Harpreet Ghuman

      I am creating a Tableau visualization called the cocktail guide in which I have classified 77 cocktails into 5 TYPES of cocktails - after dinner, longdrinks, etc.

      If I select a cocktail then the TYPE corresponding to that cocktail also gets highlighted like this (the icon in the far left) -

      picture 1.png


      But after uploading it to Tableau Public, whenever I click on a cocktail, the type icon flickers on for an instant but then again becomes inactive. Like this -


      picture 2.png

      Any idea as to why this might be happening? Because without those icons looking active, the whole viz just looks lame anyways..

      Thanks in advance for any help. Attaching the viz. here and this is the link to the online version of this tableau so you can test it - Tableau Public


      - Harpreet