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    Adding conditions to display data

    Gurpreet Singh Goraya

      Hello All,


      In my Tableau worksheet, I want to add some conditions to exclude data from the worksheet. The condition will be like:


      If the day of date, neg time, pick up location and drop off locations matched, show the Runs. For an example in the attached spreadsheet, On September 6, the run 123 and 138 are meeting the conditions and I just want to show only those runs (123 and 138). If any location has a single entry, I want to hide that entry or do not want to include in my worksheet. There is another example on sept 9 for MIRA1 Facilitation centre.


      I want to find out if there are more than one run to pick up clients from the same location whose destination and neg time was the same.


      Please let me know if you need more explanation. Thanks