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    Calculating attrition rate at the end of every quarter

    Jesse Narang

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a data source that contains active and termed hires information. I am trying to calculate the attrition rate which is explained below:

      Total number of people terminated in a given quarter/Total number of people that were active in the same quarter


      Suppose we have to calculate attrition rate for Quarter 2. The beginning number of active people at the start of the quarter was 5. Over the course of the quarter, 6 people were hired and 2 left the company. Therefore, total number of people active at the end of the quarter = 14


      Total number of people that left that quarter = 2


      Attrition for 2nd quarter will be 2(Number of people that left in Q2)/Total Number of people that were active in Q2) * 100 = 2/14 * 100 = 14.28 %


      I am having issues trying to articulate this in Tableau.


      I have attached the workbook.(Version 9.3). I have two data sources in there. They are basically the same except I had to pivot one to calculate number of hires and terminations in a given quarter.


      Any and all help will be appreciated


      Best Regards,