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    Calculation with the count of distinct members in a group

    Patricia Escudero

      Hi Community,


      I cannot move forward with this project, hope somebody can help me.


      Based on the responses from an internal survey I need to apply a value to a specific list of questions.

      The questions belong to different levels of a certification and are grouped inside those levels.

      I need to create a calculated field that takes the total score for each level and divide by the number of questions in each level.

      Example in list below the calculation in row number 1, 2  and 3  should bring 100, 150 and 25...

      I need to be able to have it as a calculated field as totals by country need to be displayed later in Dashboard, and the total value by country is used for another certification level, but not even in the column Calulation1 works!

      Anybody has any tip for me?


      I am attaching the file with dummy data

      Really appreciate some help here