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      • 15. Re: How best to develop and then promote dashboards on Tableau Server
        Mark Wu

        Since Tableau is a self-service platform, we should try our best to simplify the publishing process and let business publishers to decide when & what to publish w/o IT's involvement. Here is summary of what most companies do – so call the common best practices:

        • IT normally is not involved for the releasing or publishing process for those dashboards designed by business group – this is the concept of self-service
        • IT and business agreed on the performance and extract guidance in advanced. IT will enforce some of the guidance on  server policy settings (like extract timeout thresholds, etc). For many other parameters that can’t be systematically enforced, business and IT agreed on alert process to detect the exceptions. For example a performance alert that will be sent to dashboard owner and project owner (or site admin) if dashboard renders time exceeds 10 seconds.
        • Business terms or glossary definition are important part of the dashboards.
        • Business support process is defined so end information consumers know how to get help when they have questions about the dashboard or data.
        • Dashboards are clarified as certified and non-certified. Non-certified dashboards are for feedback purpose while certified ones are officially approved and supported.

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