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    Calculate the difference between two times

    Aleks Roth

      Hello, I am newbie in tableau, I need help with calculating time.

      I have a table with information about time.


      Id - number of a request

      Stinc - Start Time of Requests

      Fininc - End Time of Requests

      difference - Difference (Fininc - Stinc)



      I want to find time difference between Start Time of Requests (Stinc) and End Time of Requests (Fininc).


      The table contains data chronologically,  because of that time values is in different rows.

      I used the exclude filter (values null) but it applies to a non-zero rows too.


      Probably formula will solve this problem, but I don't know which formula I need to use.


      I would be grateful for any help.