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    Add Dimension dynamically possible on tableau?

    aravindan kandan

      Hello People,


      I got struck in one place on tableau dashboard development and need some help to move forward. My challenge is..


      Is it possible to select dimensions dynamically as we do for "Measure Names" as filter shown in screenshot below?


      Instead of Measure Names I need dimensions like Region,Segment,City,Customer Name,etc as filter with multiple selections.


      When I select "Region" it should come on sheet if I deselect region column should disappear from the sheet..


      Even If select both "Region"&"Segment" both columns should come on the sheet and when I deselect It should disappear from the screen and same for multiple dimension.


      Please guide me on this!! Thanks in advance.

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          Eric Van Blargan


          This is possible using parameters.  I have attached a workbook for you to look through, but here is a quick walk through of how it was done.

          Create a parameter for each dimension you would like.

          - When you do this, you will create the parameters with the same options.  In your case it will be Segment, Region, Category.  One thing I do is include "Select" as the first option so the user knows to select an option.

          -Create a calculated field for each parameter that calls on the parameter using the dimensions.


          example :

          IF [Dimension 1] = 'Segement' THEN [Segment]

          ELSEIF [Dimension 1] = 'Region' THEN [Region]

          ELSEIF [Dimension 1] = 'Category' THEN [Category]

          ELSE ''



          This will now give you a field to look at each dimension one at a time.  Drag all of your new calculated fields to your rows field, show the parameter controls and you now can select individual dimensions.

          One small issue is the dimension name will not change on your headers because your dimension is now "Dimension Field #".  To get around this on your dashboard, hide the field labels for rows and create a new text box field on your dashboard.  In the text box, all you need to do is call each individual parameter.  e.g. <Dimension 1> in the attached example.


          Hope this helps!