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    After report is rendered, additional queries are sent

    Rafal Krajewski



      I have specific trouble with Tableau reports. I use SQL Server 2012 as a backend database. The problem is that after the report is rendered, queries are still sent to my database. Queries often take a lot of time (even that rendering is quite fast) as the views are not prepared to be queried the way Tableau does it. In the  I found two types of queries being sent:


      * COUNT_BIG


      like this one:


      SELECT COUNT_BIG(DISTINCT [vReportName].[CustomerName]) AS [ctd:CustomerName:ok]

      FROM [dbo].[vReportName] [vReportName]

      GROUP BY ()


      * Grouping queries


      this type of query lists some of the attributes used as filters in the report and just groups the results without any measure associated, it looks like the COUNT_BIG queries except there is no aggregate function and the select / group by list of attributes is a subset of filter I used on report


      Do you guys have any idea why those queries are sent to the database? And did you also run into this kind of problem?


      Kind regards