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    Tulu Sahoo

      I want to search Null values in every rows, once got one null values then i want to replace null values from that value onwards

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          Tom W

          Hi Tulu,

          You could create a calculation like IF [MyField] is null then 1 else [MyField] END.


          If this doesn't solve your problem please upload a Tableau Packaged Workbook including some sample data and provide more detail around what you're trying to calculate.

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            Tulu Sahoo

            Sorry Friend, It is not working.

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              Tulu Sahoo

              Hi Tom,


              That is my data, PFB my expected result:


              For Example :For region Central 2016 value is Null so I want whole the row of central region should be replace to Null.

              2nd Example: West region 2015 value is Null so that value onwards want to replace Null.

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                Tom W

                Create a calculated field to determine the maximum blank period. MaxBlank= {FIXED Region : MAX(IF ZN([Sales]) = 0 then Year END )}

                This field uses a Level of Detail calculation.



                Then setup a field to determine the sales based on the MaxBlank item. IfSales=SUM(IF Year>=[MaxBlank] then [Sales] end)

                Use this field in your report.

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                  Tulu Sahoo

                  Hi Tom,


                  Thanks for your reply, By using these calculations all the values are coming blank.

                  Kindly provide some other solution.

                  Tom----> We have to create one calculated field which will scan every row for the Null, once it will get , from that position onwards till last will be replace as null but behind that position values should keep as previous value.


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                    Tulu Sahoo

                    Hi Friends,


                    I have developed one workaround solution for my problem. You can use below calculations to achieved this solution.


                    IF INDEX()>WINDOW_MIN(if isnull([Measure]) then INDEX()) then Null else [Measure] end


                    Thanks for your support.

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