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    England filled maps in Tableau Public - beginner can't do it!!!

    Chris Gray

      Hi, I'm new to using Tableau. I'm trying to use Tableau to create some England filled maps at region and local authority level. My organisation is considering purchasing Tableau licences to create published dashboards but we want to try it out first and see what the maps look like (hence trying Public first).


      I understand the issue about loading tde files and I saw an older thread where someone kindly posted the region file in excel format. So, I've taken that file and tried to use it with my data.


      UK regions file has ONS Code (New), ONS Code (Old), Point ID, Polygon ID, Region, Sub Polygon ID, Latitude and Longitude.


      My data has AREA_CODE (which matches ONS Code (New)) and Area (which matches Region).


      I've tried to use all of the identifiers and none of them seem to be recognised. I try to assign geographic roles to them (I've tried Country/Region and County) but I just get 9 unknowns. What am I doing wrong??


      If anyone has any thoughts on how I can do this it would be very much appreciated.


      Thank you.