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    Ng Chu En

      Dear Tableau Admin, Zen Master, Tableau Guru, Iron Viz Champ, and all


      I have struggle using Tableau + Mapbox and have some question:


      1. Is the data from Mapbox is can be use on Tableau or just to Display custom map only?

      2. I need point a street in map from some city in Indonesia, anyone know how to do it?

      eg. Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta, Indonesia

      3. Can i use Indonesia Street ZIPCODE in Tableau?



      Please help me, and so lovely if i can get some TWBX example


      Best Regards,


      Chu En

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          Shawn Wallwork might be able to help out with this one.

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            Kent Marten

            Hello Ng Chu En,


            Here are my responses to your list of questions.

            1. Mapbox maps can only be used as background maps in Tableau, you cannot access the data from Tableau.

            2. I'm not entirely clear what you are asking about for Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta, Indonesia.  If you want to be able to plot this in Tableau, you will need to add Custom Geocoding points via the Import Custom Geocoding option.  Please describe this question in more detail.

            3. Indonesian zip codes are not built into Tableau. Although we are always building out the built-in support for administrative and postal datasets in Tableau and we would like to improve our mapping support to all ASEAN countries.



            Kent M.

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              Ng Chu En

              Hello Mr Kent,


              Sorry for late reply, these days i work on custom geocode point and i'm hope tableau will update the database of ASEAN zipcode and postal dataset thank you for the answer


              Best Regards,


              Chu En

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                Muhammad Iqbal

                Hi Ng Chu En,


                Are you working with tableau map in Indonesia recently? Do you have some examples about this? I've tried to find some examples for Indonesia Map but still didn't get it. It'll be very lovely if you give me the .twbx example.