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    Filter to Parameter/Calculated Field Linkage


      Thanks in advance for your responses to this.


      I am interested in linking a filter to a parameter/calculated field combination such that a selection in the filter reflects in the parameters (which use the same data element names (e.g. States) , but not the same variable since the parameter is created with strings). 


      I've attached a workbook with an example.  If you select "California" in the State Filter, I would like Parameter 2005 and Parameter 2010 (which are used in a calculated field to take the difference between the two) to be automatically selected since they use the same data element name.  In other words, the filter and both parameters should always have the same State name (Florida/Florida/Florida - not Florida/California/California) since I'm only interested in taking the difference between years within the same state.  FYI only California and Florida work in the workbook.