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    RAM usage

    Daniel Strom

      Hi folks,


      Got a question for you; in a pure table wiz i made yesterday, i´v got 103 000 rows with 5 dimensions, i then added INDEX() and by that got myself 3 600 000 rows.

      And now the RAM got busy, using 6 GB and Tableau Desktop works like it´s going to die. Almost imposseble to shut down and even the interface is screwd up, lagging alot.


      So, is 6GB usage of RAM normal for a workbook of 3,6M rows? And i´m not talking about server RAM, it´s the RAM on my own computer.


      Thx in advance.


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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Daniel,


          It looks like you've triggered a kind of cross-tab Data Densification

          by placing INDEX() calc (Computed using Table across) on the view.


          What could you do with that? If INDEX() is needed, please, do in steps:


          1) Apply filters (temporarily) on your Dimensions, so just a few Marks left.

          Check the resulting number of Marks.


          2) Put the INDEX() on Detail shelf.

          Check the resulting number of Marks.


          3) Set the proper addressing (Compute using) for your INDEX() pill on Details.

          Check the resulting number of Marks.


          If they are lower than after step 2

          (and close to that after step 1), then ...


          4) Remove your (temporary applied) dimension filters.