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    Layering + Filters of progressing size

    Alex Clark


      I have a Region, 4 Territories, 100 Markets, 2000 Sales people, and 7000 Producers.



      As a Sales person, how do my [Producers] compare on monthly sales to the [Market] average?


      What I want to do:
      1) I want to layer the average number of sales from the Region, Market, Salesperson and Producers as a scatter plot on the same sheet.

      2) I want to be able to type in a Salesperson number (ex: 12345) and have the filters be related in such a way that it pulls up the regional average, MY territory's average, MY market's average, and MY producer's averages.



      1) I have found the tutorial for layering data and plan to use that to create the view. However, I do not know how to type in a single Salesperson number and have it pull back ONLY the market average, producer's averages, etc for that salesperson's individual area. I have an excel spreadsheet that is uploaded into the database that has what market is related to each salesperson and which producers are related to each salesperson. How do I relate these rows such that it creates a filter that follows the salesperson number?




      *I cannot share any real data per company guidelines*